Violet Cardischmidt

Nickname: Vi (but only to some)
Birthday: May 5th
Age: 20
Pronouns: She/Her
Archetype: The Spell-Slinger

Violet’s story didn’t really begin until that fateful day at the beach, where as a small child, she had erected a wall of sand in front of the sandcastle she and her dad had built in order to save it from the surging tide. After that, family outings -hikes, camping trips, etc.- became one-on-one training sessions with her father, so that she could learn to harness and command the powers she had inherited from his side of the family. And with the passing of the seasons, she did just that. Though not as quickly, nor as proficiently, as she would have liked.

Now if you were to ask most of Violet’s neighbors what they thought of her, the majority would answer in a similar way: “she’s such a dependable person” or “that one has a good head on her shoulders.” Sometimes even “David must be so happy he has a big sister like Violet.” And perhaps at some point, those words were true. Now they all just felt like falsehoods. At least, they did after Violet had asked to join her dad’s line of work. She had been so sure that her dad would be happy, ecstatic even, that his little girl, his protege, wanted to follow in his footsteps. The resounding ‘no’ that filled the dinning room that day left a heaviness that lasted for weeks. Violet questioned him on the matter, bargained, begged, but the answer was always the same: “you shouldn’t concern yourself with such things.” And then he’d walk out of the room. Violet’s dreams were dashed. And the more she heard her dad utter that phrase, “shouldn’t” started to sound like “couldn’t”. After a few more months of going back and forth, Violet had had enough. With her bags packed, and her mom’s support and blessing, Violet moved out. She is determined to obtain her dreams, with or without help.

Player Name: MongooseDog
Nickname: Mongoose
Pronouns: Mongoose
Class: Trash Weasel I swear I’m a normal person
Where to find me: TWITCH

You can usually find me hanging/lurking in my boyfriends streams on Twitch. Actually even if I’m not there you should still check him out, he’s amazing. Also please bug him and tell him just how lucky I am to have him as a boyfriend, because he never believes me when I say it.

DM NOTE: Mongoose also has one of the most soothing voices on the internet. She could calm a cerberus just by talking to it.