Raven Darkwood

Given Name: Caitlin Cooper, but no one would DARE
Birthday: November 1st
Age: [Editor’s Note: our interns researching this information have experienced several tragic accidents, and as such we’ve found it best to stop asking. We assume she is in her mid to late twenties]
Pronouns: She, her, hers
Archetype: The Spooky

Raven Darkwood never tried to be special. Given a choice, she would have happily blended into the background as a child, and disappeared amidst the shadows. But the world around Raven wasn’t nearly as dark, dreary, and spooky as she was, and while she would happily have been a nobody, she could never be anyone but herself. Having witnessed the death of her grandmother at the age of 6, Raven was never afraid of death, and always saw it as just another step along the path of existence. Which is probably why she always seemed to gravitate towards the macabre; after all, what is there to fear in ghosts, zombies, and skeletons that that isn’t already within the hearts and minds of mankind? But it wasn’t until that fateful Halloween night that she learned that her comfort with the idea of death and decay was more than just Gothic romanticism. She knew, then, that her interest in those on the other side of The Veil was more than a fascination.

Later, on a cool spring night 6 years, 6 months, and 6 days after her 13th birthday, she spoke again with her late grandmother, and learned that her family’s ability to commune with and help the deceased was a power not to be squandered but honed. Put simply, Raven is a woman with her heart split between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Were it not for her wits, strong will, and the constant support of her long-time girlfriend El, this duality might have torn her apart. Even now, she struggles to find an answer, a way through which her duality can serve both the world of the living and the world of the dead. But as to whether or not she will succeed, die trying, or worse, we have yet to find out.

Other interesting things:
-loves to bake
-works at the Museum of Unnatural History and is insufferable about it
-loves her little sister Jessi more than life (and death) itself

Player Name: Key Locke Cypher
Nickname: Skully
Pronouns: they, them, theirs
Class: Animated Bone Pile (CR: Unknown??!?)

Skully has been a lover of role-playing games since childhood, and spooky, scary things since they were summoned to this plane of existence. Having worked for a decade in the haunted house industry as a makeup artist, set designer, and actor/trainer/director, the idea for Raven came quite naturally, and at this point they have a hard time keeping Raven from writing her own story! Queer as heck, Locke is a passionate orator and queer activist, having been interviewed by several publications and asked to speak to legislature on several occasions about queer issues. Their interests include video games, skulls, adorable cat videos, writing too much, skulls, coca-cola, and skulls.