Nigel Maxwell Belmont

Nickname: The guy who read about this sort of thing, Ghost Dodge
Birthday: April 1st
Age: 21
Pronouns: He/Him
Archetype: The Expert

Nigel has always been one for all forms of fiction, from sci-fi to fantasy and whatever else he could get a hold of, but after the events of that fateful Halloween night he takes it far more seriously than before. After discovering what was really out there he dedicated the next four years to preparing as best he could for another “event”, gathering every piece of equipment and studying every scrap of information he could find to make sure he was ready. However, his reliance on being prepared often leads to him feeling helpless when he is thrown into a situation he hasn’t planned for or researched extensively. This isn’t helped by his distrust of magic, the slightest mention of it making him nervous.

With the events of what started everything always lingering in the back of his mind, and a lingering cold demeanor, Nigel often falls short of being the protector he feels he needs to be. Yet, with total dedication to moving forward and standing against whatever dark forces may present themselves, Nigel is not one to back down when pushed. The need to protect his friends is what drives him and keeps him focused on the task at hand, their safety being the reason he does so much to prepare for any eventuality.

Other facts about Nigel:

  • Writes in his spare time to wind down
  • Obsesses over a project until he gets it just right
  • Often gets tunnel vision when something is bothering him

Player Name: Sand Wolfe
Pronouns: He/Him
Class: Prototype Human, Casual Twitch Streamer,
Where to find him: Twitch, TOC Twitter, Personal Twitter

Ahoy there, I’m Sand Wolfe, I host TheOtherChannel on Twitch. I’m your typical dork who streams when he can, often not nearly enough as I’d like. If you’re looking for a generally laid back stream where someone occasionally puts some ridiculous challenge on himself then feel free to join in.

There’s not really too much else to say about me, so… sorry in advance for the terrible, terrible jokes… So many terrible jokes.