Meredith Merriweather

Nickname: Don’t even.
Birthday: November 24th
Age: 21 
Pronouns: she/her 
Archetype: The Flake
Appearance: The Fool’s Game mini-arc

Meredith was an average kid. She played sports but never really excelled as a star athlete, her grades were good enough but not great, and most kids liked her well enough. Her family, on the other hand, are some of Shady Hollow’s well-known elites, owning a popular local general store chain that’s helped them rise through the social strata of the wealthy town. Meredith always figured she’d follow the family path, maybe study business and manage one of the stores.

Everything changed four years ago on the night of Halloween. Meredith tried to tell the truth about what she’d seen that night, but the more she insisted, the more she was pushed away. She became a social outcast and the black sheep of the family. When she turned 18, she took a job at Camp Anawana as security, moved out from her family home, and continued her pursuit of the truth on her own.

Player Name: Lady/Rem
Pronouns: she/they
Class: Ranger
Find her on: TWITTER, TWITCH

Rem’s usually the Keeper for Shady Hollow. She played Meredith during Sandy’s mini-arc “The Fool’s Game”.