Jack Wilkerson

Name: John Wilkerson
Nickname: Jack
Birthday: December 27th, yes he’s salty he was born two days after Christmas.
Age: 21
Pronouns: He/Him
Archetype: The Professional

Jack has always been pretty impulsive, usually just taking a picture of something or someone without thinking about it. But the BPI culled most of that out of him during training. If he knows there’s a fight he can’t win, he will try to run, or at least distract whoever or whatever he’s fighting.

He spent time after school to try and find his father, before eventually being approached by the Bureau of Paranormal Investigation about a job. He’s spent a lot of time around monsters and magic since then, becoming pretty comfortable around it all. He’s mostly worried about his friends when it comes to the BPI, not wanting anything to happen to them because he fucked up. Fun Trivia: Jack LOVES baking and baked goods. He was taught by the BPI to bake, with Sparrow being his teacher.

Player name: Hound(e)
Pronouns: He/Him
Class: Tall Boi
Where to find him: Twitter Twitch

Quote from Hounde to the DM: “I don’t know, put whatever you want here.”

Actual footage of Jack baking for the Bippy Bakery: