Elena Salas

Nickname: El
Birthday: February 23
Age: 21
Pronouns: she/her
Archetype: The Crooked

El’s always kinda been a loner, kept to herself a lot. That did not keep the others away though. She never quite got rid of them, but she wouldn’t have it any other way now. She doesn’t talk much usually, but she’s perceptive. She’s a self sacrificing idiot that will die protecting her friends, but especially her girlfriend Raven. Meat and sarcasm make up her existence. She could live off steak. She does not trust magic at all, fuck magic, shit’s weird. She’s done a lot of questionably legal things, some more dangerous than others, but has a habit of “finding” things.

Player Name: DNC/DNCan’tSee
Pronouns: she/her
Class: Warrior, or just anything that involved CQC, getting up close, killing lots of things, and then probably dying.
Find her on: twitter, twitch

A half blind & half deaf horror movie nerd on the internet that streams stuff sometimes. If I don’t make self deprecating jokes, I’ve probably been replaced by a synth. Tfw I’m better at making a bio for my character than my own. Same username for steam, origin, and basically everything because I’m too lazy to remember different names.