Shady Hollow is a sleepy little town on a small island just off the west coast of the United States. On the surface, it looks peaceful enough. But after a supernatural event four years ago that nearly cost them their loved ones, our intrepid heroes know that there’s more to the world than meets the eye. Our campaign follows the gang on their adventures as they hunt monsters, look for cryptids, investigate mysteries, and try to get out of it all in one(ish) piece.

Welcome to Shady Hollow started as a Halloween one-shot that grew into a regular campaign. It features LadyCadashing, SandWolfe, MongooseDog, DNC510, SkullTitsGaming and Helheimhounde as Keeper, Nigel, Violet, Elena, Raven, and Jack respectively. It’s streamed live over on LadyCadashing’s twitch channel, and is then turned into a podcast shortly after the live show airs. Be sure to follow our twitter for notifications when the show will go live, as well as news about the podcast and other extras!

Warning: Shady Hollow is NOT family friendly! We curse a lot.


In our campaign, we have a few homebrew house rules that differ from the MotW playbook.

Player Abilities: Many of our characters have special abilities that are tied to the initial events of the Halloween one-shot that started our campaign. Raven has Undead Friends because of her early Lich form, Nigel has Ghost Dodge because of his earlier ghost knight form, and El has Bloodlust because of her earlier Werewolf form.

Combat: Combat in our campaign looks a lot more like D&D 5E combat than PbtA kind. We role initiative using 2d6, and follow initiative order, although the Keeper is allowed to break the order whenever it fits the narrative to do so.

Helping Out: When a player uses the basic move “help out”, on a 10+ roll the player who is being helped out gets to reroll their lowest d6 and take the higher of the two rolls. So if they rolled a 4 and a 2, they get to reroll the 2. If they then roll a 6, they would take the 6 for a total roll of 8. We changed this rule because it didn’t feel very satisfying for the player using their turn to “help out” to only grant a +1 to the other player’s roll on a success. Mixed success and failure are still the same as the original rules.
None of our players have Advanced Helping Out yet.

Use Magic: We follow something similar to what is outlined in the More Weirdness supplement for MotW, except that instead of using their suggested magic types, the DM has made a “spellbook” specific to each character and their personalities and limitations. The players can no longer use Use Magic as a move but can still attempt Big Magic if they want to.

Additional Moves: We’ve included a basic move that is, essentially, a perception check. It covers moments in the narrative that don’t fit under Investigate a Mystery or Read a Bad Situation. The rule is as follows:

Notice Something: When you are in what is otherwise a normal situation but something seems off about a person or a place, roll +sharp. On a 10+, you get an impression of what’s wrong or off pretty accurately. On a 7-9, you get a general impression but aren’t sure. On a miss, you don’t notice anything.


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