010 Shady Hollow – At The Mountain Lodge of Madness FINALE – Episode 5 Part 1

PART 1/3.  El and Nigel stay up late making cool crafts. Raven runs around in her pajamas in the snow (whee!). The kids go to visit their friend at the mountain, and she gives Raven a pep talk. Then they make some new friends and help them find their dad. Everything is A-OK! 

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Cast:   RAVEN – Skully – twitch.tv/skulltitsgaming   
ELENA – DNC – twitch.tv/DNC510   
NIGEL – Sandwolfe – twitch.tv/theotherchannel   
JACK – Helheimhounde – twitch.tv/helheimhounde   
GM – Lady – twitch.tv/ladycadashing 

Watch our TTRPG games LIVE on LadyCadashing’s twitch channel. Check her twitter to find out the next game time.

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