008 Shady Hollow – At The Mountain Lodge of Madness – Episode 4 Part 1

2 PART Episode. The kids meet a big fluffy friend in the woods. They play some rough games and get a couple scrapes (ouchie!). Then they get a full nights sleep before going to town to visit city hall and the library. Books are fun! Everything is as expected. 


RAVEN – Skully – twitch.tv/skulltitsgaming  
ELENA – DNC – twitch.tv/DNC510  
NIGEL – Sandwolfe – twitch.tv/theotherchannel  
JACK – Helheimhounde – twitch.tv/helheimhounde  
GM – Lady – twitch.tv/ladycadashing  

Watch our TTRPG games LIVE on LadyCadashing’s twitch channel. Check her twitter to find out the next game time.

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