004 Shady Hollow – Halloween One Shot – Part 4 Finale

Our first EVER Shady Hollow game. Set 4 years before the main campaign, Raven, El, Nigel, and Jack are teenagers tasked with the job of taking their younger siblings out to Trick or Treat on Halloween night. But when things go wrong, can the gang save their families– and the town itself?  


RAVEN – Skully – twitch.tv/skulltitsgaming  
ELENA – DNC – twitch.tv/DNC510  
NIGEL – Sandwolfe – twitch.tv/theotherchannel  
JACK – Helheimhounde – twitch.tv/helheimhounde  
GM – Lady – twitch.tv/ladycadashing  

Watch our TTRPG games LIVE on LadyCadashing’s twitch channel. Check her twitter to find out the next game time.

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